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 Privacy Gate & Wind Screens

Restrict visual intrusions anywhere you need a visual barrier

We custom fabricate high quality screens to your exact specifications designing and creating the perfect look that not only will provide you with shade, wind protection, privacy, and security.

Screens can be used anywhere you need a visual or physical barrier; consider the following peripheries:

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so we make sure that these screens are reinforced with a double hem or webbing around the perimeter for extra strength and the choice to choose from two shade factors. Depending on your need or preference go with 65% or 90% shade factor

Phifertex 65%         Picture Phifertex Plus 90%

Privacy Gate wind screens are made using Phifertex, a top quality open weave vinyl-coated polyester material. It's known for its unique open mesh and PVC coated yarns. This fabric is manufactured and designed to be used outdoors for extended periods of time. Phifertex is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, mildew, stains, abrasion, water, and moisture. Other performance features are quick drying, high tensile and tear strength. Phifertex solids are backed up with a five-year warranty and are flame resistant.

Periodic cleaning of Phifertex is very simple and fast. Combine 1tbsp. liquid dish detergent, 2tbsp. household bleach, and one gallon of water. Clean with a sponge or a soft bristle brush, rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry.

Available Colors:

Dark Green

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